Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there always a dog in your store?

We are a family-owned bookstore, and our family dog, our beloved King Charles spaniel Lizzy, loves to hang out in our bookstore with her mama, Amada, the owner, and Amada’s daughter/assistant, Celia. When Lizzy is in store with us, you can most often find her sleeping in a corner or under one of our reading nook chairs. Customers love her! She is friendly and clean, is always up to date with her shots, and will let you pet her if you let her come to you first! Plus, she’s always gentle and friendly with children! :)

Hablan español?


What’s the real story behind the store’s name, Galapagos Books?

Our previous owner, Mrs. Susan Lindsay, was inspired by a beautiful book she bought about the Galapagos islands. She was so inspired by the wonder and beauty of these exotic islands that she decided to open a bookstore and name it Galapagos Books. The meaning behind the name became so much more significant when Mrs. Lindsay eventually passed the torch of store ownership to Amada, the current owner, who is from Ecuador!

Where are you located?

You can find us at 22A Main Street, Hastings on Hudson, NY. Head on over to our Contact page and you will find a map showing our exact location!

What are your store hours?

You can find our store hours here.

Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring and won’t be in the foreseeable future. Sorry!

Are all of your books used?

All of our books are new and in unused condition! Anything that looks used has just grown some vintage charm from living comfortably on our shelves over the years!

Do you accept cards as a method of payment?

Yes! We accept credit/debit cards for all totals over $15.

Why the $15 minimum for credit/debit cards?

We are a small, family-owned business. Our $15 minimum for card purchases ensures that after taxes and credit card companies collect from our sales, we can still keep the lights on and keep offering you all of the books that you love!

What is your refund/exchange policy?

We do not offer refunds. We accept returns and exchanges if the book is in its original condition and a receipt from the original purchase is present at the time of return. If you want to return a book, you can exchange it for another book or store credit. All purchases of toys and board books are final and non-returnable.

Do you accept used books or books on consignment?

No, we do not. Sorry!

Do you ever offer coupons, discounts or have sales?

We do not have sales and we do not offer coupons. We have a small discount section in the corner to the left of the entrance to our store that includes older books in less-than-pristine condition. As for the rest of our books, we charge retail price.

Do you ever host readings or signings?

Yes! While we currently do not have any readings or signings planned, you can check out our Events page or our page on Facebook for updates on any future events! If you are an author looking to host a book event with us, please read the following answered question. ↓

I am a local author and would like to sell my books/host a book event at Galapagos Books. How do I go about this process?

We love to sell books by local authors and we host author events on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about this, you are welcome to contact us via email or reach out to us on our Facebook page.

Can I bring my dog into your store?

We love dogs, so much so that we have one of our own and always have a bowl of clean water available for our canine customers! We usually have Lizzy—our family dog and Galapagos Books’ unofficial mascot—in store but she is friendly and easygoing, so we’ll let you decide for yourself if you want to bring your pup in with you.

Oops! I/my child accidentally damaged something in the store! What do I do?

While we understand that accidental damage comes with the territory in the business of selling books, and that accidents do happen, we have a simple store policy regarding damage (rips, tears, creases, smudges, stains, dents, etc.) to our merchandise: you break it, you buy it!

Is the store wheelchair/stroller accessible?

We are a small store with a narrow doorway and limited walking space, aside from the space leading up to the cash register. We have a very short step at the door, but customers with strollers have yet to run into trouble rolling over it! Navigating our store in a wheelchair (especially powerchair) might be tricky, and we apologize in advance for that. Nonetheless, we welcome all who enter through our door and will always do our best to make your Galapagos Books experience a comfortable one!

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchases gift certificates at our store. They expire one (1) year from date of purchase.